Client Success Stories

From Matthew Atkin

The aim when I started coaching was to increase turnover in a 3 year period- we achieved that goal. We increased turnover by 65% and profit by 75% within that timescale. We are a different company now and have more controls and know where we…

Business is a lonely place, to have a coach means the loneliness is taken out and there's someone else to talk to, discuss ideas, and make a difference to the business. All companies have information it's the way the information is used that's important.

We now have clear goals, a thorough knowledge of our “numbers”, what they mean and how to maximise the opportunities they reveal.

We established that the value of the business and how this could be improved, which wasn’t just about selling more or being more profitable, but having a team that could run the business without me. I have no wish to sell the business but planning…

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