Best Company Culture Award 

Louise Davison, of Holmefield Veterinary Clinic probably expressed the impact of three years of coaching more effectively than endless statistics possibly could when she said “When we started coaching I was a vet who happened to run a veterinary practice.  Now, I am a businesswoman who happens to run a veterinary practice”.

In the intervening years she has grown the practice turnover by 50%, increased profits by 380%, taken holidays abroad with the whole family and is planning 3 weeks away this summer.  She has clarified her Vision and the practice Culture so that she can recruit exactly the right people with the same customer / patient centric focus that she needs, she has systemised the procedures to the highest veterinary society standards using the best available software and she has structured the organisation so that it works without her.

Indeed, this has enabled her to look well into the future to begin the planning of a new veterinary hospital that will serve a significantly larger area and population and provide veterinary services that cannot be accessed other than in the largest metropolitan areas.  And finally, her team of 30 love her, not only for the person she is but also for the direction, purpose and positivity of the environment in which they all work.

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