I have run my own businesses almost all my working life, having started the first at 29 years old following a spell in the Army and as a manager in a large farming enterprise.

You can be sure, therefore, that I understand the pressures, the incentives and the joys of running your own business.

Profit has always been a significant motivator in the past and the profits of my clients remains a very high priority. To me, it is the great enabler; it allows for investment in equipment, software, facilities and great people. Without it, not much can be achieved. To achieve profits, clarity over the elements and factors within the business that contribute or destroy profit is essential.

Understanding customer needs and expectations is crucial, both in the fulfillment of your current customer demands and winning new business to fuel growth. Knowing how to reach your prospects, how to convert them into customers and how to keep them buying from you is a set of skills that, if you don’t already know, can be learned with startling results.

Having built several businesses employing up to 50 people, I also understand the significance of recruiting, managing and motivating your team, the critical component in ensuring that you can develop a business that can work without you (the distinction between owning a business and having a job).

In the end, every business owner must consider how they will exit the business, be it by sale, management buy out or transition to the next generation. Planning and managing that process is crucial so that maximum value is achieved on behalf of all parties. Together, we can plan for that process regardless of the time-frame. Without a plan, it’s impossible to fulfil a goal and the bigger the goal the more planning and time needed for its achievement.

Having worked as a business coach for the last 11 years, you can be entirely confident that we can enhance growth, profits, business value and internal team harmony regardless of the sector or business in which you work.