Matthew Atkin


Matthew has started, owned and run 4 different businesses in the last 33 years, including 13 years as a business strategist, coach and advisor. What this means is that he is imbued with the SME ethos, having experienced several recessions, booms and flat lines himself.  He will understand what you deal with on a daily basis whilst knowing what is possible, enabling you to work together to solve challenges and exploit opportunities.

The experience gained in 13 years of coaching is invaluable in being able to identify opportunities for you to grow your business, make it more profitable, develop really effective and committed teams and recover some or all of the time that you currently have to devote to your business.

In all the time he has been running businesses and assisting others to run theirs, he has never found a business that couldn’t generate more cash, grow revenues, enhance margins, structure the team better, plan for an exit from the business, or manage time to enable the owner to enhance the quality of their life and their experiences.  His core purpose is to enable you to achieve personal and financial freedom, whilst being proud of the business you run.

Here are a few examples of what could be achieved by you:

  • A veterinary clinic that, in 5 years, grew profits 7-fold, won awards for the culture and ethos of the team and sold for a value 14 times greater than when coaching began.
  • A law firm now employing more than 170 that more than trebled revenues and increased profits by 400% in 5 years of coaching, whilst opening 6 new offices and restructuring the executive team into a modern, effective and accountable board.
  • A steel fabricator that doubled profits in 9 months, achieving “more in 9 months than I had in the previous 9 years”.
  • A document digitiser that implemented systems enabling total transparency of their marketing and sales investment and results, producing growth that took them from £2m to £5m revenues in 4 years.

Going into business should be about excitement, success and creating the life that you always wanted.  Growth, cash, profit, value, systems, time and team are where you’ll make it reality.

Mark Stanfield

Senior Business Development Manager

Mark started his long and successful career with Phillips Major Appliances, progressing to Senior Management and Sales Director roles across a variety of sectors and business sizes, including Retail, IT Services, Pharmaceutical and Behavioural Assessment & Coaching over a period of almost 40 years.

The experience and personal learning and development gained over this period, working with Directors and Senior Management teams, both in the UK and Internationally, has helped fulfil his passion in growing businesses, develop individuals and teams, to increase sales and profitability alongside sustainable efficiency for the future.

Working in family owned, SME, Corporate and International businesses has given him an invaluable insight and understanding into the common challenges business owners face at all levels when they have a desire to grow.