Positive, challenging relationship at the highest executive level, developing the team, growing scale and profits.

Ben describes how having expert, challenging conversations tests and enhances his decision making in what can otherwise be a lonely leadership role. Coaching has helped to develop the abilities of his senior team, enhancing the strengths of the executive function. This has lead to sustained growth and increasing profitability.

Video Transcript

Action Coach has allowed me to stop and focus predominantly on the business as a whole, rather than my personal qualifications as a solicitor working for the client. It wasn’t frustration, but it was an element of feeling slightly out of control. I mean, we were experiencing growth, so it was about trying to keep on top of that and not letting other things slip in terms of the business. So, I didn’t want to lose any of the quality standards that we’d worked so hard to get to, and having Matthew around to help me from a leadership perspective has been fundamental.

There was always an impact on home life. Yeah, my expectation had a blank page, I would say. In terms of expectations, I was pleasantly surprised about what we’ve managed to achieve both in a professional and also a personal relationship, which has benefited the business. It’s certainly been about my personal relationship that I’ve managed to build up with Matthew. That, to me, has been invaluable. It has allowed me to have confidence at the highest level in business. It has allowed me to feel comfortable in allowing him to percolate our other lawyers and other people whom we employ. I know not only from my experience but I’ve had reports back from other members of their firm that have said nothing but good things about having him there to provide a steady hand to the ship.

It provides us with a positive, conflictual nature where we challenge each other, and that, to me, is crucial and critical in developing an ongoing relationship that is for the benefit of the business. In terms of financials, we saw results within 12 months. Yes, the turnover has about doubled, and gross profits over a three-year period have gone up by about 250%. Working on the business is just as important as working in the business, so I think he’s provided that challenge, which I’ve been grateful for. Am I pleased with what we’ve achieved? Then yes is the answer to that. Have we finished? Then no. You know, I find it very important to have Matthew at the side of us to allow us to grow. I think he understands where we are as a business, and I think having him around fundamentally, again, will provide us with such a great platform to take the next step.

After working with my Action Coach, I’ve been able to take stock. I’ve enjoyed a challenge at a level where sometimes it can be a lonely or isolated position. I’ve enjoyed having the expertise of another person who independently challenges you in terms of your decision-making from a top executive position.

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