From Good to Brilliant: The Storetec Services Story

Neil of Storetec Services Limited shares the profound impact of coaching on their business trajectory.

Recognising the isolating nature of entrepreneurship, Neil welcomed the partnership with Action Coach, ushering in a new era of strategic clarity and operational excellence. With Matthew from Action Coach by their side, Storetec Services Limited experienced a paradigm shift, re-evaluating systems, marketing strategies, and sales approaches with a fresh perspective.

The results were staggering – from being a good business to becoming a truly brilliant one, evidenced by multiple prestigious awards. Through meticulous data utilisation and strategic dashboard implementation, the company gained unparalleled insights, paving the way for unprecedented growth and expansion. As Storetec Services consolidates its achievements and charts a bolder path forward, the future brims with boundless possibilities, showcasing the transformative power of coaching in unlocking the full potential of a business.

Video Transcript

I’m Neil Robson and my company, Storetec Services Limited. I think the statement that business is a lonely place is very true and most business owners never get the advantage of coaching. Coaching is something that we see in modern world and many facets in sports, etc. But it works just as well in business. And to have a coach means the loneliness to some degree is taken out and there is somewhere else to talk, to discuss ideas and to really make a difference to the business. And that’s probably what led us into coaching.

Since we’ve had Matthew Atkin of Action Coach with us, it’s allowed us to look at the business from a totally different perspective. It’s allowed us to look at our systems, it’s allowed us to look at our marketing, it’s allowed us to look at our sales and more importantly, it’s made us better at what we do. We think we’re a good business and always aware. But today, as a result of what we’ve been doing and the work we’ve done with Matthew, we are truly a brilliant business!

Testament to that is that we’ve won three major awards along the way and more to come. All companies have information, it’s the way in which the information is used that’s important. Working with Matthew from Action Coach has allowed us to really have clarity of that information. We present it now in a dashboard format which gives everybody instant access and it tells us where we need to go, where we’ve been and where we’re going, and shows us critical areas where the business can develop more. And it’s been one of the major components really in our success over the last few years.

We’ve reached somewhat of a pinnacle with the work we’ve done with Action Coach. And we find now that we are solidifying everything together for a much braver and bigger plan for the future. Once that’s complete, we seriously believe that we can take this business to heights that we’re currently not even envisaging or dreaming of but the capability and the potential of this business is now huge.

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