Unlock the secrets to salvaging your most valuable resource—time!

Matthew shares practical insights on reclaiming precious hours in your day, whilst emphasising the finite nature of time and the importance of optimising your work patterns.

Video Transcript: Salvaging time and maximising productivity

Hello everybody. My name is Matthew Atkin. Today I want to talk a little bit about salvaging time. As I’ve just written up here, work is infinite. We’ve all experienced how much work there is to do, but time is finite. And the salvaging of time is really important when you acknowledge that on average we’re given about 4000 weeks to live. For the lucky ones a little more and if you’re over 30 you’ve already had 1500 of them. If you count your time in weeks.

It becomes really important therefore, to consider what you’re doing on a daily basis with regard to the effectiveness of your working patterns. So what I want to just briefly allude to is how to save yourself an hour’s work a day. If you were to write a system which enabled you to delegate that task to somebody else, you could then make use of the 1 hour to either spend time in leisure or to spend time in the most valuable activity. The skill that only you have, the task that only you can do.

So if you wrote a system that saved you an hour a day, it would enable you to introduce somebody to do that task. Whether somebody were to leave the business or you bring somebody new in as you grow the business or indeed if somebody goes off to have a baby, saving an hour a day is worth six weeks a year. Six weeks is a very substantial amount of time. Think what happens if you could save two or 3 hours a day.

So the writing of a system which enables you to delegate that task to somebody else is an invaluable process and one that we should all focus upon a lot more to ensure enhanced productivity and the salvaging of our time. How long would you spend writing a system that saved you an hour a day? Well, if it saves you six weeks a year, it really doesn’t matter. You could spend days or weeks on it and it would still pay dividends within a year.


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