What is a Business Coach?

If you are a business owner, you may be coming to realise one of the major reasons that business coaches exist. Normally, new business owners are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in their field, but they lack the skills necessary to run a successful business, such as knowledge of operations and management. Not only this, but they may also have an end business goal in mind, but no idea how to get there. Professional businesses coaches are there to help you develop short and long-term strategies and goals, how to meet them, and how to improve your business in areas you may overlook.

Business Coach in Yorkshire


What are the benefits of getting a Business Coach in Yorkshire?

One of my aims when working with businesses is to develop the systems and improve the teams, so that they can work independently of the owners and leaders – leaving you to achieve personal and financial freedom whilst being proud of the business you run. Essentially, this will mean that you put in fewer hours and get more (to use the old cliché) ‘bang for your buck’.

Business Coach In Yorkshire


What can a Business Coach in Yorkshire help with?

A business coach isn’t just concerned with work, despite what the name suggests! I can also help business owners make huge improvements on their work-life balance, by ensuring that a business owners’ main work goes into running the business, rather than the day-to-day ‘dogsbody’ work. I will also help by educating individuals and the leadership teams to become more disciplined and organised to ensure that time spent is always time WELL spent.

How could a Business Coach in Yorkshire work for me?

Thanks to my extended experience in running and owning businesses in primary industry, retail, property development and finance sectors, I am well-placed to empathise with business owners and pick up on improvements that can be made that will fund opportunity for growth from within the business. I am numbers-focused and a natural problem solver, so when you choose me to be your business coach in Yorkshire, you can be assured that the work we do together will have a dramatic impact on your business’ bottom line.


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